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Workers’ Compensation: Our firm has more than three decades of localized workers’ compensation experience in Roanoke. Our attorneys work diligently to secure the best outcome for you by analyzing complicated medical issues and identifying the long-lasting effects a workplace injury can have on your health. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of medical conditions, injuries, and diseases, and will use to their extensive knowledge of the law and rules related to the Workers’ Compensation Act to pursue the most favorable outcome for you.

DUI: Our attorneys have in-depth procedural and technical knowledge of field sobriety tests, preliminary breath tests, EC/IR II, and Constitutional issues. With this knowledge, Mr. Lumsden and Mr. Potter have achieved exemplary results in DUI and driving impairment trials in southwest Virginia. We have an extensive knowledge of the science behind ETOH offenses, including the absorption rates of alcohol partition ratio and the electro-chemical reaction test necessary to produce blood alcohol levels and results.

Family Law: Mr. Lumsden and Mr. Potter have an exceptional reputation concerning both the resolution and litigation of family law disputes. This reputation is in large part due to their thorough understanding of the financial matters and calculations involved in divorces, separations, and spousal and child support negotiations. We are dedicated to achieving results through agreements and mediations, but our attorneys are prepared to litigate these cases if necessary.

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